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Erik Per Sullivan Kicks Candy Ass!

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December 21st, 2003

jezabel @ 09:31 pm: HES SO CUTE
Was the new baby a boy or a girl?

May 28th, 2003

ilovegravy @ 12:58 am: newzzzzzzzz
Erik's the voice of Sheldon in Finding Nemo!

June 1st, 2002

ilovegravy @ 03:45 am: a question
Has "erikpersullivan" not joined this community out of modesty? He seems like a nice fellow, as he says "sorri", and also calls all of his fans "cutie piez" in his LJ! haha Admirable behavior from a child actor, if you ask me.

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March 14th, 2002

zatyricon @ 04:59 pm: Erik Per Sullivan's going to be on Hollywood Squares next week! Woo-hoo!

February 22nd, 2002

zatyricon @ 12:17 pm: Sooo . . . hooray for Dewey!

February 14th, 2002

ilovegravy @ 01:14 am: Hooray!
Although my favorite Malcolm character is Hal, hehe, I shall join anyway! Hooray! LOLOL

Has anyone noticed that Dewey's hamster in the orange ball (whose name is escapes me at the moment. lol) has made an appearance in every episode since he was introduced? LOLOL (at least, i think it's been every episode)

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February 12th, 2002

zatyricon @ 04:16 pm: Did you know Erik can speak Swedish? You should've.

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